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The Hanger, The Skills, The Isk

When you spend large amounts of time flying Steathly ships, you eventually get skills like Cloaking IV, Covert Ops IV or Recon Ships IV…even Black Ops IV… but who flies battleships now a days. Eventually, you will have Weapon Upgrades and Advanced Weapon Upgrades (both to level 5) and All of your core skills at V(five) including CPU Management, Electronic Upgrades, Powergrid Management, Mechanics and Navigation. Depending on your Weapons platform, you will either come up with Missile Launcher Operation V, Gunnery V or Drones V. Truth be told if you don’t have Drone Interfacing of IV or V, flying a drone ship becomes pointless.

Now enter all the ships I fly that are stealthy:

  • Purifier -The Amarrian Stealth Bomber (In Hanger)
  • Anathema – The Amarrian Covert Ops Frigate (Sold)
  • Pilgrim – The Amarrian Recon Ship (Exchanged for Curse)
  • Curse – The Amarrian Combat Recon Ship (In Hanger)
  • Legion – The Amarrian Strategic Cruiser.  (Got blown up. Didn’t replace it)
  • Astero – The Sisters of Eve Faction Frigate (In Hanger)

Every one of these ships is completely capable of paying for itself Twice over in one night if you do the right activity. With Factional Warfare, Null-sec complexes and DED sites, its curious to me how I was ever broke in EVE after the above skills the marks (being IV or V).

Back before I realized the importance of skills, and flying ships for their strengths, I did risky stuff like flying my Stealth Bomber in nullsec and running complexes in it. I did stupid things like putting Tech 1 modules and rigs on ships that cost 700 mil ISK and didn’t bother to train for those Tech 2 anything cause I was too excited to wait.  Now, I am a great Stealth Bomber Pilot. I fly a fit I love and do so very, very effectively.


  • Don’t Fly a Tech 2 Ship without Tech 2 modules (unless the Meta version is just better)
  • Don’t be afraid to get a ship blown up if you can replace it (plus modules) twice.
  • Try to be the best at flying one ship at  a time. You’ll get more ISK out of it.

I could make so much ISK that I could buy plex. . .     -_-

>_>    <_<





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