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THE ASTERO – First Solo Pvp Win

The Astero. The most versitale ship frigate in the whole of EVE. It can do anything and will do anything if the pilot will but unlock its potential. Sir bought me in an Astero when they were first released. He said it would be a good investment. It was. We ran sites, captured outposts, and I even ran a slew of missions in it to increase faction standings.

A few hours ago, I decided to do what I percieved to be unthinkable. I took an Astero out and did some pvp. Flying the exact same fit as my Sir, I got my first solo pvp kill (he got three).

It is the most intense feeling flying a ship you know can break and still being able to not only escape the fight, but kill the player you are fighting.

Now you are all thinking, “What’s the fit? How were you tanked? What was your dps?”

Um, I can’t tell you. Its a family secret. And the secrets of the Astero must be unlocked by each player, or rather, a player and their companions.

All I will say is Think outside of the box and the answers may reveal themselves to you.


Liquidation + EVE Pilgrimage

While my sister lies sleeping, and my Sir is out of town, I have taken it upon myself to not only raise my standing with other factions, but to travel the known EVE Universe liquidating my assests. It make no sense to have one objects all over the galaxy in places I never go and will perhaps never return again.

Good to know. DIPLOMACY skill training works. My standing with the Amarr Empire is -1.10 from doing missions with the Gallente too much. My standing, after training Diplomacy to level 2, is now effectively -0.21.

Diplomacy and Connections make it easier to travel the universe. So train those skills. To train either of these skills you need Social level 3.

As for my pilgrimage .  .  .

I have been considering making a pilgrimage to New Eden. The end and the beginning. The reason the world of EVE exists. I wish to see the “EVE Gate”. The giant hole in space that we are said to all come from.

I wish to make pilgrimage to “The City of God” built by Emperor Zaragram II in the system of Shastal in Minmatar Space.

I guess I will build a cloaky ship and go on a pilgramage this week… After I buy plex.



Are you kidding me
Who the fuck warp scrambled me?
I will fuck you up

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